Vivienne&Hien for VALMAR

2023.05.25.|2 Minutes
Vivienne and Hien recently appeared in the music video for the ValMar duo’s latest videoclip, Túl Nagy Falat. Our models appear true to themselves in backstage scenes and on the catwalk in even more beautiful Virág Kerényi and Márk Kiss creations.

“I had an incredible time working with Final Production and Valmar on this music video “tul nagy falat”. The experience was simply amazing. The professionalism displayed by everyone was commendable, yet there was this warm and friendly atmosphere that made the whole process more enjoyable. Despite the numerous scenes we had to film, time schedule was well structured. No rush or unnecessary stress, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the project and give our best. I’m glad to be a part of this. It was a pleasure collaborating with the team. Looking forward to more memorable experiences in the future!”

– Hien.

“It was a good shooting, and we moved quickly. Since we had to do what is usually our job, it was an easy task for us. My favorites are the fashion shows, it’s a shame that often after a whole day of preparation and several hours of waiting, we only walk down the catwalk once, at most twice along with the finale. I really enjoyed the fact that we had to walk down the runway several times here, especially that we had to do all these laps in Virág Kerényi’s extravagant outfits. Although there were no audience, the vibe was there. I have never walked on a catwalk like this, where we were projected behind us, which looked pretty cool.”

– Vivienne.