Eniko Mihalik for GLAMOUR BOOK 2023

2023.04.25.|2 Minutes

The latest issue of GLAMOR BOOK deals with the relationship we have with our bodies and explores throughout different areas of fashion and culture.

It was a great honour for Eniko Mihalik -who is represented by our agency- to be requested to pose on the cover of this special edition magazine. Since Enikő is in New York the photoshoot took place there as well, with photographer Martin Wanda.

We catch up with Eniko at her home in New York, where she lives with her little daughter and her husband. During her modeling career so far, she has gained a lot of experience, now she has learned to say no and since the birth of her daughter, the small wrinkles around her eyes don’t even bother her.

What does the word beauty mean to you?

I know many people say this, but I think beauty is a relative term. Beauty for me is not when someone else thinks someone is beautiful, but when someone finds themselves beautiful. This always reflects our relationship with ourselves, since a person can only believe that he is beautiful if he loves himself. A healthy soul is reflected in beauty.

Was it always clear to you that you were beautiful, or did you just realize that over time?

I never thought I was beautiful, I still don’t think so. Some like me and some don’t. This is not to say that I consider myself ugly, but rather that I do not consider myself different from others.

You can read the whole article here: Glamour Book 2023

Photographer: Martin Wanda

Stylist: Jess Monterde/Walter Schupfer Management

Makeup: Mary Wiles/Walter Schupfer Management

Hair: Benoit Moeyaert/Walter Schupfer Management