Balint Ikladi for Emporio Armani 2024 S/S

2023.06.21.|1 Minutes
Bálint’s name is not heard for the first time around the house of Armani. Until now, we have seen him on the Armani Exchange website, but now he appears in 2 sets at the presentation of the Emporio Armani S/S 2024 collection.

“I have never been to such a competitive casting. I was selected for this show, from among hundreds of models. I was very happy and proud when, after trying on the dress, I realized that I had succeeded, that it was worth standing in line for several hours and persevering…..I got the show. It was an old dream of mine to work with Giorgio Armani, and judging by the congratulations and feedback after the show, they were very satisfied with me. I was a little nervous before the walk, but when I went out it was no longer an issue. I was really looking forward to being able to see myself in the clothes from the outside at the end of the show. Mr. Armani was also very kind, in the end a lot of people went to him and took pictures with us, which were later published by famous magazines such as Vogue or Perfect Magazine.