Bálint Ikladi for Retro Jeans

2023.04.26.|1 Minutes

Bálint’s career is rising at record speed after he became a Visage Boy less than a year ago. He has worked with brands from all around the world, such as Dolce&Gabbana, Tom Ford, Armani or Diesel, but he has also appeared on Bershka’s website.

After his few months long  trip to Milan, now we can finally see him in Hungary, and not just anywhere. Bálint appears in the latest campaign of Retro Jeans, which can be seen on billboards all over Budapest in addition to their website and social media platforms.

Photographer: Gergő Pejkó

Make up: Csilla Kiss

Hair: László Pásztor

Digi tech: Sándor Szívós

Art Directors: Mónika Vágási& Imre Fekete