Szilvia Miskolczi for Harrods

2023.04.26.|3 Minutes

Szilvia is a Visage girl with a long history. He recently filmed a commercial for one of the world’s hottest department stores in London, and he tells us about it now:

One day I received a message that I had a chance to shoot for the Harrods department store in London. They asked me for a few recent pictures so that the client could see if I still look like the one in my portfolio.

What’s interesting is that I arrived in Budapest on the same day to visit my grandmother, so in her bedroom, where I found the natural light to be the most beautiful, I shot some selfies without makeup, in warm bottoms/tops.

Nevertheless, to my great surprise, I got the job, so the next day I was already on my way to London.

We knew in advance that it would be a night shoot, because we had to wait until 9 o’clock, until the shops closed and there were no more customers. Apart from a few security guards, there was no one else in the store, only the crew we were filming with. The work lasted until 7 in the morning, so I tried to get some sleep in the afternoon to prepare for it.

The filming took place in a very good atmosphere, everyone did their work professionally and quickly. The cast was international, four of us were models, the others came from Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam.

During the part where I try on wedding rings, two security guards stood very close to us, watching our every move, since we were working in very expensive clothes and accessories.

We shot the last group scene at 6 o’clock in the morning, by which time you could already feel that everyone was tired, but it was still a very good atmosphere, as if we were in the middle of a party. The music was playing, we even danced a little between two recordings.

We actually got champagne in the champagne glasses and toasted the last scene with it.

It was a great experience to shoot for one night with an international fantastic crew. I enjoyed every minute.